Canada’s west coast air freight and ocean freight and their importance in North America

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Canada’s west coast plays a vital role in North America’s freight industry, both by air and by sea. Here are some key points about air and ocean freight on Canada’s west coast and their importance in North America:

Air Freight: Canada’s west coast is home to several major airports, including Vancouver International Airport and the Abbotsford International Airport. These airports serve as important hubs for air freight, connecting North America to Asia and the Pacific Rim. The majority of air freight coming into Canada from Asia arrives on the west coast, making it a crucial gateway for goods entering North America.

Ocean Freight: Canada’s west coast is also home to several major ports, including the Port of Vancouver, the Port of Prince Rupert, and the Port of Victoria. These ports play a crucial role in the movement of goods between Asia, North America, and Europe. They are also key gateways for Canadian exports, including lumber, minerals, and grain.

Economic Impact: The air and ocean freight industries on Canada’s west coast generate billions of dollars in economic activity and provide employment to thousands of Canadians. The Port of Vancouver alone is responsible for over $10 billion in economic activity and supports over 115,000 jobs.

Logistics Efficiency: The proximity of Canada’s west coast to Asia makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce shipping times and costs. By using west coast ports and airports, goods can be transported more quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of time and money spent on logistics.

Overall, the air and ocean freight industries on Canada’s west coast play a vital role in the North American economy, providing efficient and cost-effective transportation options for businesses and consumers alike.